Synchronous generator / for hydroelectric installations – max. 40 MVA, 15 kV

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Gamesa Electric established concurrent generators for hydroelectric power plants, covering the so-called minihydroelectric range of up to 40 MVA and 15 kV. It provides support during installation and startup, helping to suit the correct operation and optimum output of the machines; as they do throughout the approval, quality control checks and project management procedures. The hydroelectric energy industry is distinguish by a high level of personalizing, as each power plant must be enhanced in terms of the hydroelectric resources applicable and the facility’s arrangement. Gamesa Electric plans its machines in reconciliation with the limited framework of the turbines and the plant’s functional area. During the design method we acknowledge the runaway data, accessories and apparatuscustom-build bushings for the turbine’s requirements, etc., the goal existence to promise the maximum reliability and extend the functioning life of the supplies.