Brushless alternator / three-phase – 50 – 60 Hz

The Three-Phase, Brushless, Electronic Regulation System (8-170 kVA/50 Hz) is part of the updated alternators called ECO. It is created to connect the traditional and technological requirements of applications like telecommunications, cogeneration, army, aeronautics and marine sectors. It can have either a single or double support system, with a frequency of 50/60 Hz.This machine is mechanically structured with FeP12 steel for the frame, and the shaft and cast iron for the end brackets is made of C45 steel. Class H standard is used as its insulation. There are a special treatment made on a certain condition. It consists of an electronic regulator; self-regulation is obtained due to this.The device can overload with 300% for 20 seconds, 50% in 2 minutes and 10% for 1 minute in every 6 hours of operation.