Alternator – 7.5 – 55 kVA | STAMFORD® P0/P1 series

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The P0 and P1 from Stamford are brand new small generators that work respectively at 7.5 to 42.5 kVA at 50 Hz and at 9.4 to 55 kVA at 60 Hz. These two twelve core lengths and work with a self-excited setup to manage energy as needed. This is especially used with a stronger rating alignment to work for all sorts of engine node matches. This also works with a better energy rate that will start the motor quickly and will not put you at risk of bearing with short circuits. This will reduce the total cost of operating your setup. This is also easy to service and maintain as the EBS is fitted without harming the core. This is also a plug and play unit and the diodes are accessible without having to get the rotor off.