Vibrating level switch / for solids – VR-21

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BinMaster vibrating rods come with a unique single rod probe design that has a sword-shaped blade, preventing materials from bridging. This makes them superior to regular tuning forks. The design allows materials to easily flow through, preventing build-up on the blade. Features of the unit include a self-cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low failsafe and auto sensing power supply that is able to accommodate 20-250V AC/DC. These units come with three sensitive adjustments; high is used for lightweight, fluffy materials, while medium and low are for materials that are heavier or those that cling to the vibrating rod. The units are simple to install and can be mounted to a vessel though a standard 1.5″ NPT mounting socket that does not require calibration. The remote electronics via a point level alarm panel are also available and alert to bin levels for four to 24 individual sensors.