Teledyne Hastings Instruments conceptualizes, develops and realizes an entire gamut of devices, geared to provide precise and reliable vacuum measurements. Specialized gauge tubes are available that efficiently rise to the challenges posed by demanding applications. Sensors are available in a wide array such as thermocouple, thermopile, super Pirani and piezo-resistive strain gauge. Suitable sensor elements can be selected to handle vacuum ranges of 10-5 to 1,000Torr.The VH series of vacuum meters and controllers handle vacuum ranges of 0-50Torr. They display vacuum values in both mbar and mTorr. The band meters are tightly configured to provide swift responses to changes in pressure levels. They incorporate the redoubtable and well-endorsed Hastings thermopile vacuum sensors. These sensors are tough and ultra-sensitive to pressure changes. The VT series of vacuum gauges is another outstanding product, compactly built and mounted on a dedicated panel to offer superlative precision, dependability and solidity in performance. Other models available are 2002-R/2002-OBE/760-Plus/HPM-4-6/Digital VT vacuum gauge/ionization gauge that is IGE-3000 compliant.