Vacuum gauge with combined sensors Piezo / pirani – 1200 – 5e-4 mbar, USB | VD85

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THYACONT VD85 – Digital Compact Vacuum Meters / Data Loggers are digital vacuum meter with a sensor combination of PIEZO and a USB interface. The unit offers high precision and optimal resolution. It also accommodates minimum / maximum memory storage for data. It not only offers excellence stability, but also helps in continuous operation and continuous pressure display.The application of the unit includes set up of vacuum appliances, diagnosis and documentation of vacuum pumps, leak tests, service and maintenance, coating plants, evaporators and graphical evaluation of pump down diagrams. Other key features of the unit includes gas correction factor, automatic switch off facility, optional alkaline block batteries, protective plastic case, vacugraph software, etc.Materials in contact with vacuum are either stainless steel / nickel / gold / tungsten / glass / FKM. The measuring range is between 1200 to 5 x 10-4 with a resolution of 1mbar: 1200 to 1000mbar. The unit promises an accuracy of +/- 0.3%, measuring rat of 1.0 s and a data logging rate of 1 to 999 s. The operating temperature ranges between +5 to +50 deg C.