Ultrasonic level transmitter – ULT series

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Series ULT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is used for reliable, accurate, non-contact measurement of liquid levels. The transmitter are based on ultrasonic non-contact technology protects no moving parts against wear, jam, corrode, or gets coated like contact technologies. The mapping software enables effective measuring surface on only a 3″ diameter column. The remaining sound cone is free from any ladders, pipes, or other tank. The unit is made of FM approved explosion-proof material for application in hazardous locations.ULT is equipped with 6 digit LCD display and simple menu structure for user-friendly programming. Various choice of inputting tank dimensions enables to adjust output range or the tank is just filled and emptied while calibration that enables to automatically scale to levels it senses. The window covers help early viewing of display. ULT offers an ideal choice for critical applications with fail-safe output options and diagnostic capabilities