Ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids – 5 – 110 l/min | SVM-110

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This is a device that is designed to replace the flow sensors with moving parts which may not be suitable for certain applications. There is huge independence available for outlet and inlet pipes for enabling installation on compact machines with confines that are cramped. Liquid flows are made visible through blinking LED, frequency output or analog output. It does not have any moving parts and so there is no chance for the occurrence of mechanical wear. It has only one part that can be wet and so it is made out of stainless steel and is chemically resistant. Rotary switch can be used for setting the alarm and it can be mounted as well as operated easily. It is suitable to be used with liquids that are non conductors of electricity. It can produce faster response and act insensitive towards particles found in the medium and also when there is an extreme hike in pressure.