Ultrasonic flow meter / for hydrocarbons / for liquids – ALTOSONIC V

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This 5 – Beam ultrasonic flow-meter is an appropriate device for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons. Boasting of features such as long-term stability and high reliability, it can handle a wide viscosity range from LPG to heavy crudes. This device has also eliminated the need for on-site calibration required. This device does not have nay moving part, ensuring a wear free operation. This allows an easy configuration of metering systems. You do not need any strainers and less parallel lines for this device. A maintenance free operation is another major highlight of this device. It also sets you free from the cumbersome process of a periodic calibrations. All these features save on a lot of cost for the customer. Features such as New line extensions makes multi beam flow metering a perfect option of low viscosity applications.