Tracer gas leak detector – VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas

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This item is manufactured by one of the specialist companies when it comes to leak detection, benefiting from tracer gas and hydrogen functionality. VARIOTEC 460 was developed for applications such as detecting leaks on underground pipes with the use of tracer gas, being characterized by a price-to-performance ratio that is outstanding. The low cross sensitivity when it comes to methane and moisture is anther important advantage, while the resolution is down to 0.1ppm H2. The innovative operating concept, as well as the large display and simple menu structure are other important advantages, while the use in combination with the D80 bell probe can contribute towards an outstanding reaction time. Note that the expanded measuring range ensures superior thermal conductivity, as well as up to 100% vol. H2. Finally, the USB interface will help save time when it comes to transmitting the results, while the item works using four AA batteries.