Thermal mass flow meter / for gas / high-speed – 0.2 – 400 ln/min | MV-106

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The Mass Flow meter with high flow display showcases gas type, total flow, flow units sought, as well as the actual rate of flow (the value as well as a bar graph). It has a very bright and wide-angle OLED display. The flow meter is completely free of any parallax errors. Changes in pressure and temperature barely affect it. Its drop in pressure too is minimal. This flow meter offers extensive flow ranges. It works with precision and responds really fast. As far as electronic output is concerned, the meter features a Modbus-RTU/ASCII interface, with analog 0 to 5 Vdc, along with a FLOWBUS RS-232 interface. It can easily be configured to be password protected. There are functions for counters and alarms. The flow meter also features relays. Additionally, it has multiple gas options (10 are already pre-installed) with varied ranges. Finally, besides being calibrated digitally, there are a number of software tools offered along with it.