Thermal mass flow meter / for gas – 500 psig | FMA1700A/1800A series

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The FMA1700/1800 Series electronic gas mass flow meters is an ideal device to measure and monitor the flow of gas ranging from 10 SCCM to 1000 SLM. This device uses the technique of heat transfer through a heated tube. It gives accurate molecular gas flow rate without compensating for variations in gas temperature or pressure (within stated limits). This device is composed of aluminum/brass for common gas flows and are made of 316SS construction to deal with applications requiring more corrosion resistance.Some of the major features and advantages of this device include monitoring of Gas Mass Flow Without Temperature or Pressure Compensation, Economical Aluminium or Corrosion-Resistant 316 SS construction, a Tiltable LCD Display which enables Easy Reading and a Traceable Calibration. The flow range are specified for nitrogen or air at 20 psig.