Subminiature pressure sensor – S

Model S by Honeywell is a sub miniature pressure sensor that is built of stainless steel and boasts a small footprint. Boasting a high accuracy, this pressure sensor is designed to fit into limited spaces with small clearance. These sub miniature gauge-only units make use of a flush diaphragm and have a increased level of natural frequency. This diaphragm is crafted from 17-4 PH stainless steel. Inside these transducers are temperature sensitive components, which offer excellent temperature compensation. The lead wire (1 in x 0.087 thick) of these transducers is integrated with a zero balance electrical circuit board, which need not be on the same temperature level as the transducer device. All the Model S pressure sensors are fitted with 4 bonded active strain gauges that are set in a Wheatstone bridge arrangement. If you need something specific, be sure to give Honeywell a call for a tailor made solution to meet your individual needs and applications.