Resistive level sensor / fuel tank – -20 °C … +80 °C, 160 Ohm, IP68 | TFKS/TFGS series

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The TFKS and TFGS series of products are provided by EGE and include thermal level controllers for applications such as explosive gas atmospheres of zone 0 and 1. The sensors are useful for mobile and stationary use, in tasks such as diesel tank trucks and gasoline models. The G3/4 thread makes the device available with a maximum length of 370mm. The fixed immersion depth and connection to the SF3 amplifier units are major advantages.Both sensor types come with a nominal resistance of 160Ohm, while the manufacturer used stainless steel of type 1.4571 and aluminum for the construction, which provides durability. Last but not least, the IP68 rating and the suitability for temperatures between -20 and 80 degrees Celsius are also worth mentioning.