Pressure calibrator / portable / high precision – CALYS 80P

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CALYS 80P is a field pressure calibrator. It offers high precision of up to 0.01%. It is especially suitable for advanced process maintenance. It can also be used on test bench in non-hazardous areas. The unit may be used for all kinds of field and lab measurements. It offers measurement and generation simultaneously, over isolated channels of pressure that are two in number. It will then process the signals. The device can also measure resistive probes and resistance signals. CALYS 80P offers a wide range of functionalities including temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, statistical functions and audit trails. With these features, the device can exploit advanced data and trace full data. It stores and recalls up to 10 complete instrument configurations via manual/automatic recall. It can also recall more than 1,500 measurements with date and time.