Pressure calibrator – FCO550 series

The Furness Control Low-Pressure Calibrator/Controller FCO550, through a dynamic pressure source, functions to minimize the drift complications linked with the sealed systems. This controller involves inputs for voltage and current measurement in order to enable the quick calculation as well as the display of calibration errors for the device under testing. Furthermore, the automated calibrations of this device can be managed through the user control control panel or remotely through a PC. An easy interfacing for software packages like LABVIEW, HPVEE and other similar software is possible because of the implementation of the industry-standard SCPI protocols.Technical specifications with regards this device, equipped with a high-contrast color TFT display, are as follows: a reading accuracy of < 0.01%, a pressure generation range from 0.5 Pa to 20 kPa and finally, a dual range with 1:20,000 resolution per range.