Pressure calibrator / digital – max. 700 bar | P200 PRO

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The P200 Pro is a field pressure process calibrator from AOIP that is integrated with a removable generation pump. It is capable of measuring and generate pressure from -1 to 700 bar at an accuracy of 0.025%FS. It is designed for calibration, verification and testing of pressure sensor, transmitters, manometers, pressostats and flow transmitters. It can generate process voltage and current with a Pt100 input for calibrating flow transmitters.P200 Pro is a flexible, solid, and handy device that has an IP65 protection degree on its head and removable pump. It is an easy-to-operate calibration system and an internal pressure sensor. It is capable of displaying output pressure and input current or voltage, the pressure percentage, the pressostat status as well as the min/max pressure value.