Plastic tube variable area flow meter – 10 bar, 70 °C, 7200 Lt/min. | FS

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The measurer FS-2007 is a Pitot tube tool used for measuring the fluid speed and founds his operation on the definition of total pressure. A Pitot tube is furnished in fact of two pressure intakes, one to the anterior extremity perpendicularly prepared to the tide (total intake) and one on the body of the tube tangentially prepared to the fluid (statics intake). In this case the Pitot tube is gotten in an unique piece of plexiglas.The measurement is effectuated putting the tube in the tide of the fluid, where a perpendicular hole will practise preventively to the pipeline. The measurer is fixed with two metallic wrappers. A mediate plain gasket among the pipeline and the measurer avoid losses of pressure. The S-2007 is an innovative instrument to have the great ranges in a small space. The facility of maintenance increases the possibilities of employment. In fact to be employed in filtration, purification, presurization and fireproof plants.