Magnetic float level switch / for pump control – 3.5 bar | AT 120

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Designed for intensive pump control, the AT 120 is a float level switch that is suitable. Working with high power pumps it is easily connectible directly to the pumps of up to 1.5 HP or it can go through a relay. This is due to the 120 degree side switching angle, where the switch will protect the pump’s engine as well as any of the panels from being jerked. For turbulent or very agitated liquids this feature is highly appreciated. There are many advantages such as 120 degree switching angles. These protect the engine in the pump from jerking. Maintenance is not required because of the biconical shape that avoids clogging. It is used in applications involving clear liquids, some types of waste water and rain water and fluids that are slightly aggressive such as paint, mud, or oil.