Liquid positive-displacement flow meter – max. 35.000 lt/h, 10 bar | KDN

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These Liter Counters from the Riels KDN series hold top place for their simplicity and field-proven performance. They provide high levels of accuracy for a wide range of liquids, from medium to high viscosity of up to 40,000 cps, for decanting liquids. They are designed in such a way that they lessen the pressure drop across the meter, even with high viscosity. They also come with the innate ability to measure liquids that may be dirty/unclean or even having a small percentage of solid materials in suspension.The liquid passes continuously through the measuring chamber, with no interruptions whatsoever, and causes the “NUTANTE,” which is the movement within the disc. The specially configured measuring chamber and disc allow the measurement of the transiting fluid with the highest levels of accuracy. There is a sensor placed outside the measuring chamber that receives signals of every single rotation, from the magnet that is placed in the pin. The lack of transmission gears makes it easy to clean and gives long-life to the counter.