FMCW radar level gauge – max. 131 ft | DR7000 series

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DR7000 is known for being a FMCW 26GHz radar, which comes with an impressive state-of-the-art design. The device is able to operate over a 2GHz bandwidth, which ensures a sharper resolution, as well as a higher accuracy. The signal dynamics are higher than in the case of DR7000, allowing accurate detection of even the smallest level changes. The DR7000 is a two-wire device that allows easy navigation display, as well as a touchscreen interface that allows for easy setup and configuration. The signal processing comes with a large bandwidth, allowing the device to safely determine the true level in the tank, even in agitated surfaces. The design is intrinsically safe, allowing the ultimate changes in false echo rejection, even with multiple blade set agitators. The designs are also high pressure and high temperature types.