Float level sensor / for tank – C series

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A magnet-containing float travels the length of the sensing range and interacts with a reed switch/resistor network. The reed switch/resistor network consists of evenly distributed reed switches over the sensing length and corresponding resistors to achieve the desired output resolution. Reed switches magnetically actuate as the float moves with the liquid level. Apply DC power and connect the output signal to process meters, programmable controllers, microprocessors or other readout devices.Madison offers sensors to meet a wide variety of applications or budgets. The Model C4651 (1/4″ resolution) sensor offers high-resolution for accurate liquid height measurement and control while Model C4652 (1/2″ resolution) sensor offers accurate liquid height measurement and control for cost sensitive applications. Lastly, Model C3975 (1-inch resolution) sensor offers a field replaceable flexible insert ideal for sealed tanks or low head space.