Float flow meter – RAKD

Yokogawa Rotameter RAKD variable area meters stand apart from other meters in its class. These devices provide the smallest measurable flow ranges in the industry and have a light and guided floating design. The small metal RAKD meters are made with horizontal process connections. A fine control valve can be added to these meters. Of the various options available with the device, one is an built-in flow controller using the principle of differential pressure. It allows maintaining a constant flow rate irrespective of any process pressure fluctuations.It is available with both standard and fail safe limit switches, and can handle safety devices upto SIL level 2. Valve and controller configuration can reach SIL level 1. RAKD is a combination of a host of features of the float principle. These include a strong design, precise measurements and an electrical output signal. Also included is no dependability on electrical power supply when the meters are used as mechanical pointer instruments.