Electromagnetic flow transmitter – 0.28 – 20 ft/s | FMG900 series

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Omega FMG900 Series insertion magnetic flow meter has zero moving parts which make it highly dependable. It does not have any bearings that wear with time nor any rotors that cease to turn in dirty water. Models made of brass and stainless steel can weather a range of temperature, pressure, and chemical environments. FMG900 provides optional reverse flow output and immersibility. Within the lower housing, a quickly reversing magnetic field is produced. A voltage is generated once there is fluid movement via this field. This voltage is converted to a frequency signal, which is in proportion to the flow rate. It is possible to directly send this square wave signal to a PLC, control or convert it to 4 to 20 mA with the optional FTB700-T. Attachment or remote mounting of a modular system of electronics to the flow sensor is possible. Using the optional FTB700-D, the FMG900 series can fully indicate rate and total.