Electromagnetic flow meter / sanitary – max. 40 bar | OPTIFLUX 6000

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The OPTIFLUX 6000 has a robust, stainless steel housing for aseptic and hygienic operation. It is suitable for SIP and CIP and has the usual food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical insertion lengths and process connections. The electromagnetic flow sensor is designed to remain sterile and clean in compliance with the most strict requirements.Users can’t see any blind spots, gaps or crevices which gives full SIP/CIP possibilities. The flow sensor conforms to FDA regulations for wetted materials and is certified according to 3A and EHEDG.The OPTIFLUX 6000 offers simple commission, installation and engineering. The flowmeter is available either in a compact or separate version, allowing the flow sensor to be installed in difficult areas due to extreme vibrations and high temperatures.