Deadweight tester – precision 10-3 | BH1-BA1

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The dead weight tester has been designed for the control and calibration of pressure equipment, with calibration benches that are fast and simple to implement, reliable and economical. They are highly accurate and provide good mobility. The dead weight tester models BH1 offer precision. The OIL models have a range up to 1200 bars (simple piston), the BH1-30B (EM 0.5-30 bar), BH1-60B (EM 0.5-60 bar), BH1-120B (EM 0.5-120 bar), BH1-300B (EM 5-300 bar), BH1-600B (EM 5-600 bar), BH1-1200B (EM 5-1200 bar).The models AIR have a range up to 120 bars BA1-1B (EM 15-1000 mbar), BA1-1VB (EM 15-900 mbar), BA1-7B (EM 0.15-7 bar), BA1-30B (EM 0.5-30 bar), BA1-60B (EM 0.5-60 bar) and BA1-120B (EM 0.5-120 bar). The products comply with ISO9001 version 2008, being certified and fabricated in France. They also offer several options such as fluid separator, oil cans and the like.