Deadweight tester – max. 10 000 psi | 1305D

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The Ashcroft Type 1305D is a deadweight tester used for the precise generation of pressure up to a reading accuracy of 0.1%. These units can be availed for operating ranges reaching 10,000psi. Ideally, the Ashcroft Type 1305D is for calibrating, testing, setting and repairing the measurement in pressure and control devices. Each of these units is guaranteed to meet the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, assuring the accuracy of the instrument, and is built to be field portable. There is a single carrying case which not only holds the pressure generation pump, but also all the required accessories and tools. There is also a second box which contains the weights that are utilized for pressure generation, which is 10,000 psi units to two boxes of weights. The Ashton deadweight testers serve as primary standards in the field of pressure calibration. Its pump serves as a two-stage and hydraulic pressure generator. It is also equipped with a shuttle valve, allowing the increase in rapid pressure at low pressures.