Capacitive level switch – NCS/CLS series

Dwyer model CLS1 capacitance level switch is useful in measuring solids, liquids and slurries with point-level accuracy. These are suitable for use in both metallic and non-metallic tanks and vessels.The state of the probe contact material, whether present or absent, is detected by CLS1 through sensing of capacitive change. Highly sensitive detection of measurement is enabled by electronics. It needs less than a 1 picofarad shift from ambient. Any material build-up either on the sidewall of the vessel or alongside the probe assembly is completely ignored through use of advanced technology. A single multi-turn potentiometer simplifies the one-time calibration. Sensor status is given out by the red LED on housing. A 5 amp, SPDT relay output for fail-safe operation and an adjustable 1-30 second time delay are additional features of CLS1. CLS1 supports both horizontal and vertical mounting.