Capacitive level sensor / fuel tank – 700 – 1 500 mm | LLS-20160

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There are several applications supported by this product, ranging from road vehicles and buses to diesel generators, heavy equipment and construction machines. This digital fuel level sensor is type LLS-20160, being dedicated to connection to the GSM/GPS tracker, as well as to remote terminal units using the serial input RS 232/EIA-485.The communications protocol must be implemented beforehand, while the item is a fuel level sensor that comes with digital interfaces of type RS232 and EIA485. These provide high noise immunity, as well as data transfer accuracy, being known for the maximum resolution of measurement. The sensor comes with a high degree of power supply protection, which includes the use of enhanced electrical insulation. The sensors are delivered with probe lengths between 700 and 1,500mm, while the probe can be trimmed according to the fuel tank’s depth.