Capacitive level sensor / for solids and liquids – SCA / SCF

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These are used where it is necessary to control with a high degreeof security the level of non conductive substances both liquid and solid. They are particularly used for controlling the level in silos for cereals and foodstuffs, in feed plants, foundries and cementworks. They function in the vicinity of the material to be controlled. -Supply voltage 24 Vac or 110/220 Vac -Relay output with 1 pole changeover from 5A to 220 Vac. -Led incorporated -Sensitivity adjustment -Selector of min/max level -SC series with power supply-amplifier incorporated within probe -Bar electrodes of teflon in standard lengths of 300/500/800 mm -Plastified cable electrodes in standard lengths of 1/2/3/4 metres -Housing in aluminium alloy with threaded fitting 1.1/2 inch GAS