Air flow sensor / thermal – ±3m/s, 12 x 10 x 6 mm | 3D-MID

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The MID-Thermic Flow Sensor is based around a thermal membrane and well suited for measuring even the smallest pressure differences. This unit is a joint effort by 2E mechatronic, HSG-IMIT, the MMA AG and the company Gruner AG. The newly employed MID-technology integrates liquid-based connectors, while considerably reducing volume and uses wire bonding for the electrical contacting between the chip and MID. Additionally, it offers excellent accuracy, as fluidic channels are integrated into the silicon chip, while the modular setup permits varying measuring ranges from 0 to 3 mbar or 0 to 15 mbar. The full sensor can also be assembled in form of an SMD with standard SMT-machines.