Acoustic level sensor – RL

3D Acoustic Level Sensor of RL model is designed by BinMaster to provide trustworthy data even in the challenging environments with extreme levels of dust. It has non-contact and non-stop level sensors that can work in the powder and solid materials of all types. The workings of this sensor are quite different from other non-contact sensors. It can be used in very low dielectric materials that have no historic compatibility with the non-contact devices.The RL looks like the S, M and MV 3D Level Scanner, but it is different in function, because it is used for the data purpose only. It can work better even in the dust as compared to the other ultrasonic technologies. It requires acoustics-based technology at low frequencies that helps it to penetrate dust. It is a self cleaning unit, therefore easy to use. The BinMaster RL requires low maintenance as compared to the other non-contact technologies that are required to be manually cleaned for the sensor that frequently entails climbing of silos that can be a problem in the safety.