Acoustic level and volume sensor / solids – 3DLS TC

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The 3D Level Scanner has a teflon coated antenna as an option. It finds use in extreme conditions when dust or powdered materials tend to stick to the device, in turn interfering with the 3D Level Scanner. The teflon coated antenna has been able to come up with the lowest coefficient of friction against any sort of solids. This has resulted in a slick surface that is able to fight buildup. The use of Teflon horn will prevent dusty or sticky materials from sticking onto and building up on the antenna. This feature ensures that the best possible performance is derived from the scanner. Use of the Teflon coated antenna will also reduce the frequency of cleaning required thus truly simplifying the maintenance cycle. Some examples of application that the Teflon coated antenna has would be for soybean meals that are extremely sticky and can build up on a standard antenna when in humid conditions.